Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Are You Doing This Year?

2010 ended as badly as it started for me but I'm determined to not let it get me down. We had four, yes four deaths in our family between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. I take it especially hard when someone dies of cancer. It seems so unfair. And one of the deaths was due to cancer. But enough about that.

One of the things I wanted to do in the New Year was open an Etsy shop for Rose. She has been in my shadow so to speak and her art deserves it's own space to grow and flourish.

She amazes me how quickly she creates something. I have to look at my work a million times and tweak and change and ponder before I consider it complete. But not Rose. She creates, it's done and she moves on to the next project.

For as long as I can remember she has been obsessed with smoking. Both my maternal grandfather and my uncle, moms' brother smoked and she has always wanted to do so as well. She would grab their cigarettes from the ashtray and run while trying to take a puff before anyone caught her. As a result her drawings often depict smokers. She also loves to draw hearts and flowers and every now and then she will render something abstract. Her art is always happy and cheerful and because she is mostly nonverbal I hope it's a reflection of how she feels.

You can find her shop at I hope you'll visit and come back and tell us what you thought.

Have a great day everybody, thanks for stopping by.