Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Art For The Day

©Rosetta Bentz

Rosetta Bentz has been an Art-o-artist since 2003. Her Art-o-mat "Portraits of Humanity" are her doodles of life and she loves creating them. Rosetta says "No two are ever alike and each one is individually drawn. They are all different and they all have similar qualities to them. Just like real people. We are all different, but made up of the same stuff. And, to me, they are androgenous. Not quite male and not quite female. They are very different from my paintings. I paint/draw/create from feelings and memories that compel me to move forward. I very rarely copy or try to imitate. I work full time at a day job, I work full time as an artist and I work full time promoting/marketing my work. I regularly exhibit mostly in the Tri-state area. I enjoy being a part of AOM. I love it that little pieces of me/my work are scattered throughout the country in very interesting places. I have gotten emails from people that bought my work, appreciate and enjoy having it and tell me so."

Rosetta shares a studio in Long Island City, NY with her husband who is also an artist. You can see more of her work by visiting The Bentz Her art-o-mat pieces are currently located in the Michigan Art-o-mat.

Thanks Rosetta for taking the time to talk to me and thanks everybody for stopping by.

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