Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Rose

Purple Glass Beads and Gold tone Findings

Ok so today is my sisters birthday and with all the anxiety, she hasn't slept in about a week. About 3 am every morning she has come into my room to wake me up to give me a note or to tell me that Friday is her birthday. She made a list of about 100 items that she wanted. Earlier in the week we went out and did some shopping and yesterday our Aunt took us to the movies. When we tried to buy popcorn we were catapulted into a version of "Who's on First." My Aunt, "We would like one large and one xlarge popcorn." The concession attendant: "so that's two larges and one extra large." My Aunt: "uhhhhh no, one of each."Attendant: "so two extra larges and one large." Aunt: uhhhhh no. This went back and forth until I had a headache. When we finally got to the drinks, before my aunt could say anything, I jumped in and ordered 3 of the same so that it didn't take another twenty minutes, even though we had decided something different beforehand. I expected the credits to be rolling by the time we finished but luckily the pre show was lengthy.

When we got back to our house my Aunt gave Rose the presents that she and my Uncle bought. She received various nail polishes and lip glosses along with a few other items. This morning I gave her this bracelet I made for her along with a dvd, a cd and the cutest angels a friend had sent. She didn't get nearly all the items she had hoped for but all in all I think she is happy.

Being her caregiver still scares me but I pray for guidance and we go to the cemetery often to keep our mom updated on our progress. On our last visit, in addition to her flowers, she received a note reminding her of the significance of November 7th.

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Juli said...

Happy Birthday

Betty, you are my hero in so many ways and my beloved friend, always.

Unknown said...

Thanks for entering the giveaway. You have to link to my blog to qualify and I will link to yours.

I just have to comment on this lovely Happy Birthday post to your sister and say Happy Birthday to her. It's wonderful to think that you and your sister are so close, I too am very close to my sister, happy holidays to your family!