Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ed - 24 x 48 Original Art Acrylics on Canvas

The earliest memories I have of my maternal grandfather are from when I was about 7 or so. At the time he and my grandmother lived here in Oklahoma City and we lived in Chicago, so we came for a visit. Rose was not quite a year old. We didn't know she had autism yet. But I remember my grandfather singing to us. He had a beautiful deep voice and he would sing Christian hymns. I would look so forward to summers before we moved back so I could hear his voice and be engulfed in his kind spirit.

Later when we moved back and learned that she had autism I remember how he would sit and rock her for hours. When she would have meltdowns he was always so kind and patient.

This painting is from my 2013 solo show "Think Pink - Remembering Liza" dedicated to my maternal grandmother who lost her battle with Breast Cancer. It's titled "Ed" because my grand dads name was Ed and you can find it for sale on Daily Paintworks.

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