Thursday, May 10, 2007

Art for the day

© Betty Refour - The Wall Hanging - Acrylics on Canvas - 20 x 24

Although I had been painting for years I took my first painting class a couple of years ago. We did an exercise where each person was given two items and they had to use the shapes repeatedly in a painting. I got a square piece of paper and a straw and this is what I came up with. I intended for it to look like a wall hanging that had been created to compliment the wall treatment but everyone thought it looked like a robot. What do you think?
Have a great day everybody, thanks for stopping by.


Pris said...

Very nice work and blog, Betty. Have you considered a profile on MySpace? There's a HUGE network of artists there.I have several on my friends list since I use art with my poetry on my website. They've organized a group now for selling their art.

I always forget, but I think my profile URL there is

You'll see several artists, obvious from their profile pics, in my top friends list.

Lori Andrews said...

Betty, I too admire your work, When I first saw this piece, it made me think of All the homes that are being squished together one right on top of another, as our "parts of the world" are so small nowadays. But I like it as a robot too. Love how you've chosen your complimentary colors. Thank you for your compliment. Good luck on your upcoming show, and keep painting!!

Shawn Marie said...

Wonderful piece Betty! I love this. Your new works are really nice.