Monday, September 17, 2007

Art for the day

(c) Rose Refour - Please Watch Where You're Going! 2007 Ink on Paper

For as long as I can remember the streets in the downtown area of our City have alternated directions. So instead of 6th Street going East and West it only goes West and 7th only goes East. The same with the North and South Streets.

This city gets a lot of tourists. On any given day you can go into the downtown area and see dozens of people visiting the Oklahoma City Memorial, taking photos, leaving gifts and so on.

So because of complaints from tourists the City decided to change the streets so that instead of going only East or West, North or South, they will soon all go both directions. Recently Rose and I went downtown and turned onto one of the streets that had been only a northbound street. I saw no signage and the stripes had not been changed so seemingly out of nowhere we were headed head on into another vehicle. Thank goodness we were all ok.

I usually take a note book with us where ever we go. That way if Rose wants to tell me something she can write it down since she doesn't always speak. Well soon after this incident she got her note book, drew this photo and handed it to me......I think I scared her really bad as indicated by her big eyes and lack of hair.

Have a great day everybody, thanks for stopping by.

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