Thursday, October 25, 2007

Art For The Day

©Della Nohl

Della is a photographer currentlyy living in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. While on a six month camping trip in the south and southwest Della wrote once sometimes twice a week to her friend JoEllen about her adventures. Della had a habit of starting but not keeping up with travel journals so this way she had a record of her travels. Once she arrived in Wisconsin she borrowed the letters from JoEllen, made copies of them and put them together in book form.

She was already familiar with Art-o-mat from living in New York and when her husband spotted a machine in their local library he suggested that she submit her Camp Letters to the project. They were thrilled when she was accepted. That was in 2004. Since then her pieces have been in several machines around the country including the Michigan Art-o-mat where I got mine.

Della is always excited to hear from buyers and the most frequently asked questions are "Can I Open The Envelope?" and "Is There A Letter Inside?". The answer to both of those is "yes".

Since she is fortunate enough to have a machine nearby, Della makes a point of purchasing pieces to give to family and friends as gifts to spread the word about Art-o-mat.

If you would like to see additional samples of Della's photography you can visit the American Indian Artists website at She's listed under both name and discipline in the NAAR (Native American Artists Roster) and also as stills photographer for the feature film "The Reawakening."

Thanks Della for taking the time to talk to me and thanks to everyone for stopping by.

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