Saturday, October 6, 2007

Art For The Day

When my baby cooks her eggplant she don't read no book and she's got Giocanda kind of dirty look. And my baby cooks her eggplant about 19 different ways but sometimes I just have it raw with mayonnaise.

Oh sorry, I got a little carried away. Whenever I see Laura Gentry's "Stray Eggplants" I think of Michael Franks "Eggplant" song, didn't mean to get off track.

Iowa artist Laura Gentry has been an art-o-artist since 2003. She has heard from about 70 buyers and you can see their pictures and comments by visiting her blog. In her first year of being an art-o-artist Laura tried several 2D projects before deciding to do something sculptural so it would be more unique. She had always loved eggplants and found them rather random so she decided to make little eggplants with random words on them. Laura has made over 700 eggplants, no two with the same phrase. She has traded with five other art-o-artists and her "Stray Eggplants" can currently be found in the Michigan Art-o-mat, the Chambers Art Hotel in Minneapolis, MN as well as locations in Suffolk, VA; High Point, NC; San Antonio, TX and Providence, RI.

Laura would like to raise enough money to create a giant eggplant installation somewhere but says "I'll have to sell a lot of little eggplants to get there".

You can visit Laura's website, blog or myspace page to see more of her work. Also visit to learn more about the Art-o-mat project and if you have never listened to Michael Franks The Art of Tea you can hear sound bites from it by clicking here. If you listen to nothing else, you have to listen to the Eggplant song.

Thanks Laura for taking the time to talk to me. I guess I need to take a photo with my eggplant.

Have a great day everybody, thanks for stopping by.

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Took said...

It never ceases to amaze me -- no matter how many Laura Gentry Stray Eggplants I add to my collection, the phrases ALWAYS have some sort of meaning to me! It is wacky, this random thing!