Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Art For The Day

(c) Rebecca Grantham - Plein Air Art Puzzle


Ohio Plein Air Art-o-artist Rebecca Grantham used a really cool concept for her art-o-mat pieces that she has dubbed "53 Pieces, 2 Paintings, 1 Artist. This photo is of one piece but there is a different painting on each side. How cool is that?! What Rebecca did was used 53 wood blocks, ( now keep in mind that these blocks are the size of a pack of cigarettes) and she has painted not 53 individual painting or even 106 individual paintings but she has painted a section of two larger paintings onto these blocks. I get dizzy at the thought of having to keep up with which piece went where as she embarked on this. Nonetheless she has done it and I think it turned out wonderful.

Rebecca has been an art-o-artist for almost a year now. Her art-o-mat's are currently located in the following machines:  Ursus Gallery in Ohio, The Clevelend Center of Contemporary Art in Ohio, The Kentucky Center For The Performing Arts in Kentucky, Dacing Eye Gallery in Michigan and  Pop Deluxe in Wisconsin. To get more information on these locations visit Art-o-mat.org 

One of the fun things about being an art-o-artist is hearing from buyers and Rebecca has heard from two buyers and has had the opportunity to swap with one other art-o-artist.

Thanks Rebecca for taking the time to talk to me. To see more of Rebecca's work visit her website at http://www.RebeccaGrantham.com and to read more about the art puzzle and to see if you can figure out where this piece goes visit her blog at http://pleinairlandscapes.blogspot.com.

Have a great day everybody, thanks for stopping by.

PS Don't forget I'll be talking about art-o-mat artists for the next couple of weeks so do stop back by. And again if your city is artomatless contact your local officials and demand a machine be installed immediately! 

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Took said...

Rebecca -- This is such a clever idea for an Arto-Series...just wonderful!